About Us

We Empower Small Businesses To Let Your Voice Be Heard

About Us

We Empower Small Businesses To Let Your Voice Be Heard

Invitation to Have Your Own Blueprint From:

Randall Dobbins, Founder of Business Partner Blueprint

If you are a Small Business Owner and have dared to dream of building a successful business that makes a difference in your life, the lives of your family members, and the lives of your community members, then this is for you!

You have had the courage to put it all on the line, to make the self-sacrifice, and to have the faith, strength, and stamina to create what you believe to be transformational experiences. You have faced tremendous odds but still boldly and confidently move forward. At times you've struggled, didn't know what to do next, and felt like there was no one to talk to nor was there anyone that understood what you were going through.  You are guided by your experience, independence, bravery, and ambition to serve a need greater than yourself. With nothing more than your vision, creativity and imagination, you see your efforts through to completion (and start over again and again).

If this is you, welcome! The Business Partner blueprint courses will help you along your corporate contracting and life journey. Our program will provide you all you need to take your genius, self-sufficiency and nonconformist nature to the top of the business world.

Our Credo

We Catalyze Change.

We lead or get out the way.

Right Plan + Right Mindset + Right Timing = Client Winning Solutions.

Living in Integrity is a covenant, not a slogan.

Legacy is why it matters.

We create what we haven’t imagined by discovering what we don’t know.

We are the difference the world needs now.

Our Team

Our team brings together years of experience and expertise in business development, strategic alliances, and corporate contracts. We're passionate about supporting your journey.

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